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What Are Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean termites are small white insects which feed on wood. These termites require a great deal of moisture to survive and construct under ground nests where they infest structures from a distance. With our warm and sunny climate, subterranean termite infestations can happen any time throughout the year. Subterranean termites usually swarm in spring when the ground warms or after rain. Subterranean termites move through mud tunnels and threaten the strength of a home's foundation. Mud tunnels also weaken the soil supporting the home. If a subterranean termite infestation is ignored, the safety of your home or property may be compromised.

How Do I Know I Have Subterranean Termites?

Griffin Pest Management offers comprehensive termite inspections of properties in southern California. Our experienced, state licensed technicians will thoroughly inspect your property for termite activity and provide a report with recommendations based on our findings. We also provide escrow and property clearances. Only a licensed termite inspection specialist can determine the full extent of your termite infestation.

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Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites enter homes through mud tubes that run up from the foundation.

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Winged reproductive termites appear after periods of heavy rain or in late summer / early fall.

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Discarded Wings

After reproductive termites mate, they shed their wings typically around doors, windows or attic spaces.

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Wood Damage

Weak, cracking or damaged wood with tunnels underneath is a sure sign you have termites.

How Do Subterranean Termites Infest A Structure?

subterranean termite crown colony

Subterranean termites nest in moist, underground areas, in what is known as a crown colony. Crown colonies act as a central hub that Subterranean termites use to infest structures from a distance. As they spread out, Subterranean termites will also set up satellite colonies in the space between infested structures and the primary crown colony. Protective mud tubes are the primary source of above ground transportation between the colony and the infested timber. It is common to find evidence of subterranean termites in basements, baseboards or any wood framing buried in soil.

Subterranean termites threaten the foundation of a structure by undermining the soil and buried wood. Untreated infestations can cost thousands of dollars in damage and almost always require extensive repairs to be made to the concrete slab or foundation of the structure. Subterranean termites will also enter a home through cracks in the cement slab or joints of the structure. After entering the home, Subterranean termites typically end up in suitably moist locations such as bathrooms or showers.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Griffin Pest Management offers a variety of treatment methods for subterranean termites. Our professional technicians will recommend either soil treatments (trench & treat), local treatment (drill & treat), fumigation or a combination of these treatments depending on the severity of your subterranean termite infestation. Our technician will start with a thorough inspection of the property to assess the scope of the infestation. Once determined, the technician will recommend a treatment plan that will best fit your needs and budget. All of our services are guaranteed to keep your home termite-free.

Local Treatment

Trenching, rodding and treating is the most common method of Subterranean termite extermination. This chemical barrier prevents termites from accessing your home through the soil. Drilling and treating the soil is a great way to put a defensive barrier between the slab of your home and Subterranean termites.


If Subterranean termites are found throughout the structure, fumigation may be required. In situations where Subterranean termites are inaccessible to secondary treatment methods, tenting your home or office is a guaranteed way to eliminate them. After our technicians have performed a full inspection of your home, we may recommend fumigation to eradicate your termite problem.

termite wood damage orange county san diego los angeles

Subterranean Termite Wood Damage

If Subterranean termites have caused extensive damage to your home, Griffin Pest Management offers full restoration services. We have extensive experience restoring office buildings, restaurants, houses, apartments and historical structures and we're confident we can restore your building.

Subterranean Termite Warranty Program

With our Pro-Shield and Pro-Shield Plus programs, Griffin Pest Management will come back once a year for localized spot treatments to prevent termites from returning. Griffin also offers full repairs and restoration for any damages caused by termites. Depending on the severity of your termite infestation, our professional technicians may recommend a fumigation or a local treatment. Both services are guaranteed to keep your home termite-free. See our page about Termite Free Warranty or call us today!

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" 5 star pest control service review

Paul from Griffin came out yesterday to look at some termite activity in my garage. He was honest and knowledgeable. Took care of my issue no problem.

- Brian P.
" 5 star pest control service review

My home was long over-due for termite fumigation. Griffin Pest Management was one of 5 companies that I contacted for bids. There were others that I liked as well but either the price was higher or the wood work wasn't done by the same company. Andy made it happen! His crew came out and marked all of the wood areas that needed repair or replacement. In the bid, each of these areas was marked and clearly described for repair or replacement in an outline of my home. Andy gave me a date for the fumigation and because Griffin also did the wood, I knew that it would be done before the fumigation. The fumigation process isn't something you want to go through often, but gives you a chance to clean out cupboards, refrigerator and freezers as well as bathroom meds, etc. The tent and fumigation is done by another company contracted by Griffin. We left the house and returned after 2 nights; by early Friday morning the tent was gone and we were able to enter and unpack the bags. There was no smell or film. Andy earns a star for customer service.....a courteous, friendly, prompt and informative young man. He always answered my calls, emails, or texts the same day. For a home improvement process that we attest, he made it a smooth process.

- Linda D.
" 5 star pest control service review

My client was selling his house and decided to have the same company out that gave him a termite clearance 12 months prior. We received an estimate of $1300 for the replacement of one piece of fascia board. Seemed a little excessive, so I emailed the report over to Paul Louckes, my usual inspector. I forgot to take out the estimate page, so Paul could have estimated anything he wanted under that $1300 and got the work. However, Paul is as honest as they come and his bid was $600. My client was thrilled. I highly recommend them for your termite work.

- Ryan B.