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The two types of skunks found in California are the Striped Skunk and the spotted skunk. The most common is the striped skunk. The striped skunk is the larger of the two and has a 13 to 18 inch body with a 7 to 10 inch tail. The obvious marking is the long white strip that runs from the forehead to the end of the tail. The white strip can vary greatly in width and length.

Skunk Removal & Exclusion

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Griffin Pest Management offers removal and trapping services for skunks. Our traps are specially designed to prevent skunks from being able to lift their tails, which stops them from spraying. The trap will be bated with grubs or carrion that will attract the skunk, then the Griffin service technician can safely removes the skunk from your property once the trap close behind the skunk. We also offer exclusion and repair work, if skunks have caused damage to your home or business. For the best results, we recommend beginning a preventative maintenance program to prevent skunks from returning. We offer bi-monthly and quarterly services, as well as one-time services. For more information about skunk removal, please call us today.

Quick Facts About Skunks


The white striped skunk feeds on snails, insect’s, berries, mice and rats. Typically skunks dig up lawns and flowerbeds to find grubs and insects. They are an animal that looks for a convenient house which range from tree stumps, piles of rocks to abandoned building. The female may den with several other females but males are always solitary. The white striped skunk likes to live close to a water source. They are nocturnal and are usually the ones found along the roadside with that strong detectable odor. The odor under the right conditions can travel up to a mile. Skunks burrow near sources of food and water. They feed on grubs, insects and pet food. A newborn skunk can spray as early as eight days old, but they don’t learn to aim until after they open their eyes, around the one month mark. Skunks have great hearing ability, but they’re vision is poor. Skunks can only see up to 10-12 feet away, which makes them susceptible to cars.


Skunks prefer to burrow in secure areas like under decks and houses, in sheds or crawl spaces. They usually seek out existing holes at soil level to be close to their source of food. Be sure to close off any area the skunk can use as a den, do not leave pet food outside and make sure your side yard gates no more than an inch off the ground. Skunks eat grubs and insects that thrive in moist conditions. Reducing the amount of moisture on your property will tend to limit your exposure to skunks.


If a skunk feels threatened, it will try to flee first. If it is cornered or trapped it will spray an odorous, greasy liquid on the “predator”. If you encounter a skunk always run horizontal or 90 degrees away from the rear of the Skunk. The defensive mechanism for a skunk is to release a sticky mucus from under its tail that can travel as much as 50 feet. Once sprayed by a skunk, pets may retain the odor for up to one month. It is important to note, DO NOT put contaminated clothing into the washing machine. It may ruin the equipment permanently. If pets or children are sprayed by a skunk, don’t panic. Combine 1/4 cup of baking soda, 2 teaspoons of a dish soap and 2 pints of hydrogen peroxide. If you have a very large pet, simply double the amounts of these three ingredients. Wash your pet outside, shampooing your pets hair thoroughly with the mixture. The mixture will fizz as baking soda and peroxide are combined. If possible, avoid getting any of this mixture in your pet's eyes or on its nose. Please note, you may need to reapply this mixture multiple times depending on the severity of the skunk odor.

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Mike Watts is the BEST! He gives you a fair quote, doesn't oversell or want to gouge your eyes out or take everything in your bank account. He is honest, reasonable and fair. They did a great job on the fumigation of termites at my parent's rental property. I suddenly was seeing what looked like ANTS with Wings. I found out they could be termites. I will be using them at my house in the OC, for termites, insulation and rodent / raccoon fecal matter remediation in the attic. For PEST CONTROL - this is the GOTO COMPANY!

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Great company, great employees. Joe Wilburn arrives at the scheduled time and does a great and thorough job. A lot of opossums, raccoons, and other such critters like to run through my back yard. That results in a flea infestation that the Griffin rep takes care of in his every other month treatment. Recommend Griffin if you are having flea/spider or other insect problem.

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