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Opossums, or possums as they are commonly known, are large marsupials that are native to the western hemisphere. Opossums come in many different sizes and can be as large as a house cat or as small as a mouse. They are known for having long, rodent-like tails with furry bodies and a pointed snout with sharp teeth. Opossums are very unsightly creatures and can be almost shocking to people stumbling across them late at night.

Quick Facts About Opossums


Opossums are nocturnal creatures that feed on plants, small animals, rodents and reptiles. They will congregate in groups, near sources of food and water. When cornered or threatened, a possum will bare its teeth, hiss or play dead. Opossums have an incredible tolerance for pain and despite suffering major wounds, can play dead to fool predators into thinking they’ve died from their injuries.


Opossums prefer dark areas, secure from other animals or predators. They often take up residence behind garbage cans, under decks, in garages or sheds, and attics. As long as they have a source of food and water nearby, they will stay and breed.


Opossums can create a large mess on your property by digging through garbage, soil or compost piles. Sometimes, they will use the insulation in your attic to make a nest and will urinate in that spot to mark their territory. They have also been known to eat pet food and small birds like chickens. Opossums can also spread fleas. The longer they go untreated, the more possums you will have to remove later.


Opossums carry disease and other pests like fleas and bed bugs, so it is important to let a professional trap and remove them. Griffin Pest Management offers removal, trapping and exclusion work to prevent opossums from returning. We also offer clean up services and repair work, if opossums have caused damage to your home or business. For the best results, we recommend beginning a preventative maintenance program to prevent opossums from returning. We offer bi-monthly and quarterly services, as well as one-time services. For more information about opossum removal, please call us today.

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Mike Watts is the BEST! He gives you a fair quote, doesn't oversell or want to gouge your eyes out or take everything in your bank account. He is honest, reasonable and fair. They did a great job on the fumigation of termites at my parent's rental property. I suddenly was seeing what looked like ANTS with Wings. I found out they could be termites. I will be using them at my house in the OC, for termites, insulation and rodent / raccoon fecal matter remediation in the attic. For PEST CONTROL - this is the GOTO COMPANY!

- Hashanah K.
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Great company, great employees. Joe Wilburn arrives at the scheduled time and does a great and thorough job. A lot of opossums, raccoons, and other such critters like to run through my back yard. That results in a flea infestation that the Griffin rep takes care of in his every other month treatment. Recommend Griffin if you are having flea/spider or other insect problem.

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Great service. Brittany was courteous and helpful when we called. She set up an appointment and the Joe was there on time. He did a great job helping us with critter issues. Great job. Thanks to Brittany and Joe.

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