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What Are Indian Meal Moths?

The Indian Meal Moth was given its name after an insect scientist found it feeding on corn meal, also known as Indian meal. From wing tip to wing tip, adult moths measure from five-eighths of an inch to three-fourths of an inch long. These moths like to feed on dried fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, chocolate, candies, bird seed, dog food, powdered milk, dried red peppers and candy. Attracted to the light, these bugs are found worldwide in areas where food is stored, such as grocery stores, cabinets and pantries. Indian Meal Moths infest foods and can contaminate food products.

Meal Moth Treatment & Prevention

Dried food products should be inspected thoroughly for signs of moth infestations. Discard infested foods in outdoor trash bins. Clean infested cupboards thoroughly with a vacuum and soap and water. Store food in sealed containers.

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" 5 star indian meal moth pest control service review

We have been pest free for over the past three years that Roy has been servicing our property. When we moved in three years ago we had problems with about everything form moths to roaches,ants to pantry pests. We are now pest free thanks to Griffin pest control and Roy.

- Barbara B.
" 5 star indian meal moth pest control service review

We are a property management company in Orange County and have been using Griffith Pest Management for several months. Joe Wilburn has been our direct contact and has proven to be very dependable and knowledgeable especially with all the pest control issues the drought has created.

- Tim C.
" 5 star indian meal moth pest control service review

Paul Loucks from Griffin Pest Management was very professional and honest, much appreciated and we would confidently recommend him for your pest control needs.

- Karen D.