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Vikane Fumigating Termites

Fumigation is the most common method of termite extermination. In situations where termites are inaccessible to secondary methods, tenting your home or office is a guaranteed way to eliminate termites, once and for all. After our technicians have performed a full inspection of your home, we may recommend fumigation to eradicate your termite problem.

Why Does Griffin Use Fumigation?

Each year, about 100,000 fumigations are conducted each year in California. Costs for termite control and repair of damage from drywood termites in California exceeds $300 million annually and are projected to increase! Scientists have shown that fumigation is a reliable and complete method for elimination of infestations of drywood termites and other pests such as wood-destroying beetles and bed bugs. Products like Vikane are preferred for fumigation in southern California because they leave no residue behind after the tenting process has ended.

How Does Fumigation Work?

Fumigation begins after the home or structure is fully sealed and tented. Vikane gas fumigant is then pumped into the tented structure for a period of about 24-48 hours. Vikane is the best fumigant to eliminate termites because of its ability to penetrate all wood in the structure. Once the fumigation is complete, technicians will remove the tent and allow fresh air to flow through the structure. The technicians will inspect the building again to ensure it is safe for the occupants to return and then you will be allowed to re-enter.


Griffin Pest Management guarantees all fumigations for a 3 year period. If you notice drywood termites returning, we will come back and use localized spot treatment to prevent them from proliferating.

Termites In Southern California

drywood termite fumigation san diego orange county

Drywood Termites

These social insects infest dry wood and do not require contact with the soil like Subterranean termites. Each year, drywood termites cause millions in damages throughout the southwest. If left untreated for a long period of time, they can compromise a building or structure’s safety. Preventing a drywood infestation can be very difficult. Since these termites usually begin their colonies in the wood by flying to the structure, you will have a very tough time keeping them from arriving. Eliminating Drywood Termites really is a job best left to licensed professional pest control companies. Griffin Pest Management offers a variety of drywood termite treatments that include localized spot treatment, fumigation and heat. Griffin also offers wood repairs and restoration to infested areas.

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termite fumigation san diego orange county

Subterranean Termites

Every year, Americans spend $4.5 billion dollars controlling and repairing damage left by subterranean termites. Subterranean termites threaten the foundation of a structure, by undermining the soil and buried wood. If left untreated, these termites can cause thousands in damage and almost always require extensive repairs to be made to the structure, concrete slab or foundation. Griffin Pest Management offers a variety of treatment methods for subterranean termites. Our technician will start with a thorough inspection of the property to assess the scope of the infestation. Once determined, the technician will recommend a treatment plan that will best fit your needs and budget. Griffin offers escrow inspections for real estate agents as well. With our Pro-Shield and Pro-Shield Plus programs, Griffin Pest Management will come back once a year for localized spot treatments to prevent termites from returning.

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Termite Fumigation Testimonials

" 5 star termite fumigation review

I had five quotes to treat my termite problem. Brian came out and was no nonsense didn't try to sell me on anything just did his inspection in a professional manner and explain to couple things to me. I got the quote shortly thereafter and it was the most reasonable out of all the five. I also needed wood work done on the house due to the termite damage. Several of the companies I got quotes from said they would just cut out portions and replace pieces of wood. This company replaced the entire board for each area that needed it, no cutting and pasting! They did a great job, painted it well and it looks professional. When the fumigation guys came, I thought I had bagged and removed everything in my house ( believe me when you start to do it you realize it's a bigger job and you have more stuff than you think). Thank goodness they did a double check of the kitchen cabinets after I was gone. When I got home, I saw three bags on the kitchen counter that I did not leave there. I realized I had missed an entire cabinet of my spices and alcohol. They did it all for me and left it on the counter and didn't even say a word. Overall, I am very pleased with Brian and Griffin Pest Management. Brian always responded immediately to my concerns and was nothing less than professional. I am very critical of a company based on their customer service and this company far exceeded my standards.I would highly recommend this company to everyone.

- Rena S.
" 5 star termite fumigation review

Mike Watts is the BEST! He gives you a fair quote, doesn't oversell or want to gouge your eyes out or take everything in your bank account. He is honest, reasonable and fair. They did a great job on the fumigation of termites at my parent's rental property. I suddenly was seeing what looked like ANTS with Wings. I found out they could be termites. I will be using them at my house in the OC, for termites, insulation and rodent / raccoon fecal matter remediation in the attic. For PEST CONTROL - this is the GO TO COMPANY!

- Hashanah K.
" 5 star termite fumigation review

The entire process was trouble-free and painless. Andy walked us through the whole process and provided us in great detail on what to expect and what to do since this is our first time doing it. We were back in time in our home with very minimal things to do because of our pre-fumigation preparation that helped us immensely. Thanks a million Andy!

- Ben B.
" 5 star termite fumigation review

They tented our house. They took care of calling the gas co. to shut off the gas etc. even bagged(wrapped up) some items we missed for the fumigation. Their rep was always available for questions. they also had a good price.

- Bill K.
" 5 star termite fumigation review

My home was long over-due for termite fumigation. Griffin Pest Management was one of 5 companies that I contacted for bids. There were others that I liked as well but either the price was higher or the wood work wasn't done by the same company. Andy made it happen! His crew came out and marked all of the wood areas that needed repair or replacement. In the bid, each of these areas was marked and clearly described for repair or replacement in an outline of my home. Andy gave me a date for the fumigation and because Griffin also did the wood, I knew that it would be done before the fumigation. The fumigation process isn't something you want to go through often, but gives you a chance to clean out cupboards, refrigerator and freezers as well as bathroom meds, etc. The tent and fumigation is done by another company contracted by Griffin. We left the house and returned after 2 nights; by early Friday morning the tent was gone and we were able to enter and unpack the bags. There was no smell or film. Andy earns a star for customer service.....a courteous, friendly, prompt and informative young man. He always answered my calls, emails, or texts the same day. For a home improvement process that we attest, he made it a smooth process.

- Linda D.
" 5 star termite fumigation review

Brian Chambers is the only Wood Pest Professional I use. I have used different wood pest companies past. Anybody can put up a tent and fume a house, but when it comes to reliability, customer service, and relentless follow up to make sure that the customer is 100% satisfied Brian Chambers is second to none. In a recent transaction, in which I represented the buyer, the listing agent gave me a "clear" from another termite company... I called Brian just to make sure and he found two paces in the home that were missed by the other company. I work with Brian in every transaction and I have recommended him to my family when they need termite work done. Thanks Brian!

- Felipe B.

Termite Protection Plans

Two Plans To Serve You

Eliminating termites through fumigation or local treatment is only the first step to protecting your home from termites. Griffin Pest Management offers termite protection plans which defend against future infestations of termites.

Pro-Shield Program

Our Pro-Shield program is a one-year termite protection program that includes treatment and repairs, including reframing. Our Pro-Shield program starts at $385.

Pro-Shield Plus

The smart way to save! This package combines our termite protection program and general pest services to offer you the best pest protection available.

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What's Included?

  • Liquid perimeter treatment
  • An annual inspection
  • No deductible for termite damage repair
  • Contract is transferable
  • Optional termite bait stations
  • Annual renewal with no limitations
  • Exterior treatment four times per year to keep pests from entering your home

While both our Pro Shield and Pro Sheild Plus programs provide unmatched protection against termites and include the same warranty, we recommend the Pro Sheild Plus program which includes treatments to provide several layers of protection against termites and other household pests. For more information about our Pro-Shield programs, call us today.