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Pest Control In Orange County

Orange County Pest & Termite Control

As a pest control business that has operated in Orange county for over 20 years, we know that a variety of pests are native to this area. Our full-service team of pest specialists will help to rid your home or business of unwanted pests and prevent them from returning.

Termite Control

We also offer termite inspections, clearance reports and termite treatments. Our team also includes licensed contractors and wood repair specialists. If termites have damaged your home or business, our specialists can restore your property after treating the infestation.

Pest Protection Program

Our pest control service begins with one of our state licensed & certified pest control experts carefully examining your home to identify the source of the pest infestation. After determining your problem pests, we will make treatment recommendations and an itemized estimate for your specific pest control needs. We use a variety of treatment methods to control pest infestations that are low cost, low toxicity and convenient for homeowners. Griffin Pest Management provides monthly, bi-monthly and one-time pest control services in Orange county.

Pests We Eliminate

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Standard Pests

Standard pests include ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, spiders. These pests, if left untreated, can take over in a matter of days. Read more about our standard pest program and how we can help you get rid of invading pests.

Pest Control
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Mice and rats are prolific breeders and find their way indoors to nest near sources of food and water. Rodents can bring other unwanted pests and spread disease with their urine and droppings. Keep your home rodent free by beginning our rodent control program.

Rodent Control
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Termites threaten a structure's safety by tunneling through and weakening wood beams. Subterranean termites threaten a structure's foundation while drywood termites swarm exposed wood beams. Griffin Pest Management offers customized termite treatment options and warranties.

Termite Control
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Invading wildlife is more than a nuissance. Wildlife can introduce other pests like fleas or mites to your yard or home. Keep invading wildlife like skunks, raccoons, birds and squirrels out of your home.

Wildlife Removal

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