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Bats are the only mammal that can fly and unlike birds, use both legs and wings to fly. Exclusion methods are the best and only way to ensure true prevention. Exclusion should be performed in the late fall after the bats have left the structure for the winter and prior to their return in the spring. A daytime interior inspection of the roosting site is necessary to make sure all bats have left for the winter prior to exclusion.

Griffin Pest Management also offers clean up and wood repair services if bats have destroyed areas around your home or office. Call us today for more information about our Bat treatment program.

Quick Facts About Brown Bats


Bats use echolocation (similar to radar) for flying and gathering their food. Their diet consists of insects. They have one young per year usually in the early late spring/early summer period.


They will form “maternal colonies” staying inside buildings until late summer when the young can fend for themselves. In the winter time they nest in caves or abandoned mine shafts. In some southern areas they may stay active all year.


They carry two diseases: rabies and histoplasmosis. Rabies in bats is no more common than any other animal and bats do not become aggressive when affected by rabies. They usually will just lie on the ground and it is rare that humans contract rabies from bats. Histoplasmosis is a disease contracted by humans when the dust from their droppings is inhaled into the lungs.

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" 5 star bat removal review

Mike Watts is the BEST! He gives you a fair quote, doesn't oversell or want to gouge your eyes out or take everything in your bank account. He is honest, reasonable and fair. They did a great job on the fumigation of termites at my parent's rental property. I suddenly was seeing what looked like ANTS with Wings. I found out they could be termites. I will be using them at my house in the OC, for termites, insulation and rodent / raccoon fecal matter remediation in the attic. For PEST CONTROL - this is the GOTO COMPANY!

- Hashanah K.
" 5 star bat removal review

Great company, great employees. Joe Wilburn arrives at the scheduled time and does a great and thorough job. A lot of opossums, raccoons, and other such critters like to run through my back yard. That results in a flea infestation that the Griffin rep takes care of in his every other month treatment. Recommend Griffin if you are having flea/spider or other insect problem.

- Fred T.
" 5 star bat removal service review

Great service. Brittany was courteous and helpful when we called. She set up an appointment and the Joe was there on time. He did a great job helping us with critter issues. Great job. Thanks to Brittany and Joe.

- Arthur B.